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Why your sustainability strategy matters more than ever.

The climate emergency demands rapid action.

While the government’s set targets to halve emissions by 2030 and have net zero carbon emissions by 2050, it’s up to business to step up and make it happen. And that offers you great opportunities: integrating sustainability into your strategy gives you a competitive advantage, builds public trust and positions you as a progressive, purpose-driven organisation. Which is where we can help.
About Us

Developing your decarbonisation strategy

From automotive component suppliers to house builders, no sector will remain unchanged in our efforts to protect the planet. The issues of inherent carbon in products and energy consumption cover premises, fleet and processes, and tackling them successfully requires a clear, well thought-out strategy – as any major change to your business would. Strategy Matters have over 30 years’ experience in the public, private and charity sectors, taking an objective view on strategy development, alignment and implementation, and board leadership and effectiveness.

How we’ll make your business more sustainable

Setting any strategy is your board’s responsibility, and we’re here to help take an objective view. We’ll create real clarity and understanding within your leadership team about the challenge we all face, and support the formulation of an agreed strategy for success. We’ll start by asking questions such as those outlined here, then add real value by providing a different perspective to promote innovative thinking to create a strategy (often as a strategy map).

Questions for the boardroom

  • 01. Has your organisation set out a target date to achieve Net Zero?
  • 02. Have you agreed a strategy for the delivery of Net Zero?
  • 03. What are the most significant factors or issues that will impact on your organisations ability to achieve Net Zero?
  • 04. Do you have a detailed plan for the first 24 months of your journey?
  • 05. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being ‘not at all’, how confident are you in achieving your vision of a Net Zero future?

Our current projects

Right now we’re working on decarbonisation strategies with a variety of organisations including local authorities, housing associations, manufacturers and transport providers, as well as leading Universities.

Local Authorities

We’re helping to create and agree a vision and strategic objectives with key stakeholders, focusing on the interrelated nature of decarbonisation to improve understanding of the options and challenges that lie ahead. Working closely with universities who specialise in decarbonisation adds rigour to the process and enables data-led decision-making, both in strategy development and in monitoring its implementation and evaluation.

Private Sector

Decarbonisation is creating huge opportunities within the private sector, and we’re working with several companies to drive innovation through ‘positive challenge’. For example, we’ve provided assistance to new start-up business in the EV charging sector, alongside helping existing companies in fossil fuels create new businesses that will disrupt the market and eclipse their ‘parent’ within the next 10 years.

Your FREE strategic review

If you’re thinking your organisation needs to do more to meet its sustainability targets, we’ll carry out a free strategic review session to analyse the gap between your existing strategy and the challenges climate change will bring.
To schedule yours, simply contact us by phone or email.