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Our experience has taught us there are key stages to any strategy that achieves the success it’s supposed to, and our services reflect these.


Strategy Development


The development stage is critical to realising sustained success. Investing the time to think about the direction of your organisation often avoids wasted resources, and most importantly reduces the risk of steering it into a position where its future is at risk. Over 30 years we’ve worked with many boards, often in a time of crisis or significant change. Combining our skills with Balanced Scorecard methodology, we can develop a well thought-out strategy complete with a strategic map to visualise how outcomes will be achieved.


Strategy Alignment


One of the most common reasons a strategy fails is the organisation and its people not being aligned in its execution. The key lies in understanding, ownership and clarity of objectives, especially at board level – without them, the board will prove ineffective which will have a direct impact on the performance of the business. In both simple and complex organisations, we engage leadership teams and help them develop divisional and team plans offering a ‘clear line of sight’ to the overall strategy. We also align performance management processes and build remuneration policies to drive your strategy, focusing the resources and energy of your people to create synergy – and ultimately achieve success.


Strategy Implementation


To achieve the right level of implementation, we’ll act as your internal Strategy Office. As such, we’ll provide project management resource to support your divisions and teams, regularly review activity and performance and their impact on your business to build momentum as well as agility, and create simple dashboards to give you a live overview across the organisation, so you can see where emphasis is needed.


Improving Board Effectiveness


The effectiveness of your board can have a direct and significant impact on the performance of your business, yet the development of a board and directors is often one of the least invested areas in an organisation. Individuals will often be appointed to the role of a director without a suitable induction, and unaligned objectives can result in a lack of focus on key strategic objectives. Without a collaborative approach, a group of talented individuals can fail to realise their team potential.

We work with businesses from a diverse range of markets to improve board effectiveness, helping to develop both the competency of individual directors and their boards. Using a range of techniques, including competency assessments, psychometrics facilitated board events, collective board effectiveness reviews and individual coaching, we enable your directors to work together in an efficient and energised way; a crucial step on the path to success.


Decarbonisation Strategy


The challenge (or opportunity) of climate change presents organisations across all sectors with a myriad of situations, leading to multiple implications be it physical assets; premises or fleet, processes such as manufacturing, distribution, the inherent carbon in products, as well as the obvious issue of energy consumption.

Strategy Matters are working with a variety or organisations including Local Authorities, Housing Associations, manufacturers, and transport providers as well as leading Universities. Our work involves creating real clarity and understanding within the leadership about the challenge and supporting the formulation of an agreed strategy. Where we add real value is providing a different perspective to promote innovative thought resulting in a strategy (often depicted as a strategy map residing on a single page). That strategy is the first step in addressing the challenge that your organisation faces.

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